Turning Point

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted in a while. To be honest I was in funk. I started to fall off the wagon sadly. Due to life’s circumstances I wasn’t able to make it to the gym for about a week and a half! And let me tell you that sucked. I can’t believe I am saying that, but it is the truth. I honestly love going to the gym, the way I feel after I have worked out is amazing!

This week I had a major turning point in my mindset and my thinking. I finally realized that I have an addiction to food. Just like any other addiction honestly. I love food I love to eat. I have always said I am the type of person who lives to eat, I don’t eat to live. But, after going to the doctors recently and being told that I am pre-diabetic and have been for 2 years now was an eye opener. That scared the shit out of me to be honest. It was the eye opener and the kick in the ass that I needed. I know I need to make changes in my life and those changes need to start happening now! I know I wont be perfect, I know I will have some bumps in the road but I am re-energized and ready to take my exercise and my workouts to the next level!

And most of all I am ready to start eating healthier and feeling better!

Here is to the bigger and better things, and to living the life I deserve!

Work, Work, Work….but getting better

So I feel like the last 3 weeks has been nothing but work, working at the bank, working at the Elks, working out at the gym (although the last one I don’t mind). Wait, what? Who am I?

Seriously I can’t even begin to tell you how much I am loving Beta O Fitness. I am so happy I made the choice to finally join. The workouts are 45 minutes of ever changing exercises, which is why I love it. You are constantly doing something new and its keep the workouts interesting. And, the 45 minutes goes by in a FLASH!

Every time I leave the gym I feel so good, endorphins really are an amazing thing. I am feeling better mentally and physically! I went to the gym this morning before work and I am going tomorrow before work! Every other time I have said I am getting on track and getting healthier I have always fallen off the wagon before it has even started to move. Not this time! This time its going to happen. I will not stop this is the start of a whole new me! I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me and I cant wait to discover the new me!




Who am I?

That was the question I was asking myself at 4:30 this morning when my alarm went off.

Treadmill, Walking Squats, side lunges, split lunges, bicep curls, wall sits, spider planks oh my! A few weeks ago I didn’t know what half those exercises were or how to do them! But that was what I was doing at 5:30 this morning! I was supposed to go to the gym last night after class but class ran late so I couldn’t go and honestly I was bummed. So I jumped online and saw that the 5:30 am class today had was open so I booked it. Honestly it was awesome. I am in such a good mood and I am so happy with myself. The old me would have cancelled last night and moved on and never thought OK how am I going to make this work.

I am a whole new me and I am so excited to see where this new me is going to go!

I was thanking my friend the other day for getting me going with Beta O Fitness and thanking her for supporting me and her reply was “This is all you kid!! I’ve always known you could do it :)” and those words really hit home for me cause she is right! Not only can I do this I WILL do this! So step side and watch me go!

1,078 sticks of butter!

One Thousand Seventy Seven point 6 sticks of butter (to be exact), that is how much I weigh (so you don’t have to do the math that is 269.4 LBS). This is the heaviest I have ever been in my life! But that number goes no where but down from here.

As the old saying goes today is the first day of the rest of my life! I am sick and tired of sitting on the sideline waiting for something to happen! Life is happening around me every minute of everyday and if I keep sitting on the sideline I am going to miss it. I joined a 12 week weight loss challenge with my best friend and I am ready to jump start my life and get healthier and slimmer. The next 12 weeks are going to be a challenge both physically and mentally, but I need to do it. I want to be able to walk up to the third floor of my building and not be sucking wind by the time I get there. I want to be able to work a shift at the bar and not be so tired and in pain from carry all this fat around. I honestly don’t care if I come in last place in the challenge I am in, as long as I weigh less than I started with then I am good with it, the prize money I could win is an incentive, but honestly I just need to kick start my fitness journey and this is what I need.

What I love about the gym I am working out at for this challenge, is that it is small group training. So you get almost one on one training which is exactly what I need. I need someone who will push me past my comfort zone and challenge me and force me to grow and get better. I could go to the gym on my own (but I don’t really know what I am doing) but the problem is I go to do weights and put the lowest weight on that I can and I don’t challenge myself enough. I need someone to push me to do heavier weights, or one that extra set, things like that, and Beta O is that place. I worked out today and although I almost puked I didn’t, and to be honest I feel great now! I am so motivated to continue! I am heading to grocery store to stock up on good food!

Here is to making what is left of 2018 the best it can be!

Side note about the photo: This is the mentality I had before! I made excuses oh I cant go to the gym because of this or that. That stops right here right now. I am my first priority. I may need to say no to going out with friends and say no to meetings after work. Please know it is not that I am avoiding anyone, but I need to do this for me. I need to be happy again!

One Thousand Seventy Eight sticks of butter and dropping!