Work, Work, Work….but getting better

So I feel like the last 3 weeks has been nothing but work, working at the bank, working at the Elks, working out at the gym (although the last one I don’t mind). Wait, what? Who am I?

Seriously I can’t even begin to tell you how much I am loving Beta O Fitness. I am so happy I made the choice to finally join. The workouts are 45 minutes of ever changing exercises, which is why I love it. You are constantly doing something new and its keep the workouts interesting. And, the 45 minutes goes by in a FLASH!

Every time I leave the gym I feel so good, endorphins really are an amazing thing. I am feeling better mentally and physically! I went to the gym this morning before work and I am going tomorrow before work! Every other time I have said I am getting on track and getting healthier I have always fallen off the wagon before it has even started to move. Not this time! This time its going to happen. I will not stop this is the start of a whole new me! I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me and I cant wait to discover the new me!




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