Who am I?

That was the question I was asking myself at 4:30 this morning when my alarm went off.

Treadmill, Walking Squats, side lunges, split lunges, bicep curls, wall sits, spider planks oh my! A few weeks ago I didn’t know what half those exercises were or how to do them! But that was what I was doing at 5:30 this morning! I was supposed to go to the gym last night after class but class ran late so I couldn’t go and honestly I was bummed. So I jumped online and saw that the 5:30 am class today had was open so I booked it. Honestly it was awesome. I am in such a good mood and I am so happy with myself. The old me would have cancelled last night and moved on and never thought OK how am I going to make this work.

I am a whole new me and I am so excited to see where this new me is going to go!

I was thanking my friend the other day for getting me going with Beta O Fitness and thanking her for supporting me and her reply was “This is all you kid!! I’ve always known you could do it :)” and those words really hit home for me cause she is right! Not only can I do this I WILL do this! So step side and watch me go!

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